La Torre di Castelrocchero Precision Agriculture 2017-09-28T09:39:04+00:00

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La Torre di Castelrocchero Precision Agriculture

Assignment underway, presented by the “Cantina Sociale” (Cooperative Winery) “La Torre” of Castel Rocchero (AT), aimed at setting up applications in the field of management practices for precision agriculture, firstly, allowing the gathering of data on the vineyards and subsequently processing it with GIS systems and using it in machinery equipped with variable rate technology (VRT). The data is gathered according to set times, following the evolution stages of the vineyard using a high-definition multispectral modified camera mounted on drones. The processing of the data enables the creation of georeferenced ENDVI vigour maps, showing the potential stress areas of the vineyards.

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Cantina Sociale La Torre di Castel Rocchero (AT)


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